About us

About Us:

We are an Analysis Driven, AI Enabled, Digital HR Tools platform that focuses on Candidate Selection, Employee Sensing and Organisational Success.

At GoEvals, we create innovative digital people management tools that help teams and companies raise their level of people management skills and achieve their business outcomes through improved performance and create value for the stakeholder & employees.

What Problem are we solving?

In today’s volatile, uncertain and fast moving world, organisations struggle to implement robust people management processes and practices. Their needs are urgent, and current solutions available to them are either too complicated or need a disproportionate amount of time & effort.

The solutions that organisations want are the ones that can be implemented almost immediately and give results instantly. This has in turn led to a multiple challenge for the people management and Human Resources function.

  • Most solutions available in the market have a “system” approach. This “system” approach means organisations and HR have to design workflows and processes with layers of approvals or validations for the complete employee life cycle. This in turn means long implementation cycles and even longer adoption time.
  • With high investments needed in these systems, the return on investment and the time taken to leverage them just does not meet the organisations expectations!
  • The competency needed to lead such a project of implementing the system & manging the resulting change management agenda is not easily available or absent in the existing teams.
  • Most systems are shells and have to be built and customised for every organisation. This leads to complications and even the results of implementation are never satisfactory.
  • Systems need people to be trained and updated almost all the time. A dedicated team is needed to manage the system, which means more headcount and cost.

GoEvals provides a new perspective and a different approach to digitization. We believe that the future belongs to a “platform” approach and not a systems approach as we have been made to believe. The GoEvals tools platform provides the flexibility that is needed and is agile to adopt to the changing needs of the organisations. GoEvals eliminates all the above challenges easily.

  • GoEvals is a tools platform that allows organisation to pick and choose the tools they need depending on their current people challenges.
  • GoEvals plug and play tools can be almost instantly implemented and used without undergoing the pain of implementation.
  • GoEvals analytical dashboards & reports provide ready-to-use insights which they can instantly leverage to solve their business questions and challenges.
  • GoEvals tools does not require a high degree of technology understanding and analytical expertise hence super easier to adopt.
  • Due to the user-friendly interface, everyone who uses the tools finds it easy to understand and is able to use them almost instantly as no training is needed.