Goevals Candidate Selection Solutions


Video Interview Platform

The video interview platform allows you to administer and conduct video interviews anywhere, anytime & anyplace! You can create & administer video interviews for candidates in a matter of minutes by using validated questions for selected competencies or by creating your own questions!

The interviews once created, free the need for the interviewer & candidate to be present at the same time, giving you the flexibility and freedom and control on the hiring process and shortlisting the most suited candidates. This reduces the hiring time by 25 to 40% which is a game changer for organisations!

Once the candidate has taken the interview, you can send the Video interviews clip to other hiring managers to evaluate, thus eliminating bias and significantly impacting the quality of hire for the role.


Compatibility Index Test

The GoEvals Compatibility Index Test helps measure the degree of compatibility of the candidate for the role that is being hired. Scientifically validated, the Test makes an assessment of skills, behaviors and aptitudes based on the role requirements as defined by the recruiter or the hiring manager. Add your own questions to sharpen alignment of the candidate to the role or include a video question to assess the base skills of a candidate even before meeting them.

Multiple reviewers can be invited together, saving time & effort of organizing multiple interviews, this also helps eliminate biases. The digitally driven test is time bound and can be executed anywhere, anytime and anyplace & gives instant insightful reports with compatibility index and suggests questions that you could ask the candidate if you decide to meet them.

The GoEvals Compatibility Test delivers efficiencies of time and helps streamline and standardize the selection process across the organization. It makes selection more data and evidence based rather than gut and allows identifying a higher quality of talent for the organization.


Remote Onboarding & Reference Check Tools

Over 70% of resumes consist of inaccuracies. A reference and background check is becoming an important part of the recruitment process. Currently this is done by recruiters or outsourced at a huge cost to companies. Checking the candidate credentials is important and at the same time could become a bottle neck for hiring. Using the GoEvals Reference Check tool will ensure this process is smooth and automated, freeing the recruiters to do more.

The GoEvals Reference Check tool is an easy, seamless way for employers to conduct background screening, reference checking & credentials confirmation. It provides useful insights so that recruiters & hiring managers can confirm credentials & make better hiring decisions.

It is a digitally driven online tool which needs just a one-time setup & reduces the time taken by the recruitment team for calling references & documenting the feedback they receive. It also allows the employer to confirm competencies of the candidate from a third person perspective which provides invaluable insights on how the candidates operate in their current ecosystem.