Consulting Practice Hiring Specialized Talent

A leading consulting company was hiring talent for specialized roles across their offices . They however needed people with specific skill sets and who had relevant experience in the specific areas they were hiring for.

The challenge was that specific technical skills were needed and most of the candidates applying claimed the same but when interviewed the candidates were found lacking the level of expertise needed to be successful in the role.


Using GoEvals Competencies the Company was able to identify candidates with the specific competencies that they needed. They also used the “MyQuestions” section to confirm the candidates technical skills and verified the skills further by using the Video Interview platform where they presented case studies to verify their claim of the “expertise”.

The Compatibility Index report generated combining the competency questions, Customized My Questions and the Video Interview helped the company identify the right talent to interview. The Video Interview also helped them access the technical skills based on the Case studies and they were able to shortlist and meet only those who had relevant expertise.

This helped the company improve the quality of talent they met by 100%. It also helped them improve their recruitment time by over 65%. They experienced an Return of Investment of over 500% which was a delight to them.