FMCG Hiring With Limited Hiring Budgets And Recruiters

A fast expanding Consumer goods company needed to hire Sales Specialists across the country to implement their expansion plans. They needed to attract, identify and get these specialists onboard quickly. As it was a growing brand they had always focussed on their product and distribution networks which were their areas of strength.

They however did not have enough recruiters who were experienced enough to handle the spread and number of hiring. The expansion plans were a result of a successful joint venture where staffing was a critical element in their deliveries, they realised they needed expert recruitment help.


They chose the GoEvals platform. They leveraged on the HR practices & knowledge that were a part of the platform to create an effective and robust recruiting process. They defined their competencies clearly, decided on the prerequisites needed from the candidates and used the “MyQuestions” section effectively. To reduce the costs and also improve quality of screening virtually they added the interview questions and finalized their Open test which they wanted every applicant to take before even meeting them.

Using a planned social media campaign they reached out to talent across the country and used the open test link so that the interested candidates initiated their own interview processes. This approach allowed them to reach new talent pools which they had not considered , the open test linked engaged candidates who were actively looking for an opportunity. By leveraging the test they were able to shortlist candidates immediately. The evaluators were able to evaluate candidates the minute they responded which saved them a lot of time. They were able to deliver the staffing needs much before their committed timelines. The impact : 70% reduction in hiring time as compared to their current timelines, 100% improvement in candidate quality, 80% reduction of hiring cost as against the budgeted cost.