Large Enterprise Hiring at Multiple Locations & Stakeholders

A leading telecommunications group, was looking to hire a high number of career starters from business schools across the country. They operated over 3500 retail stores where they needed the career starters to be hired.

They needed a tools that would help them to identify the right fit candidates as well as communication skills of every candidate. At the same time since the B-Schools were across the country they wanted to conduct interviews virtually at least in the initial stages so that they could control costs and reduce travel.


The company used the GoEvals Career Starter test across 50 B-Schools to access the career starts who were interested in the role. Using the GoEvals insightful report they were able to grade and shortlist candidates almost instantly. They then sent across a video interview link to the shortlisted candidates who responded to the link by recording their responses.

The whole process was completed within a week as against the normal 60 days that it took them to screen and evaluate the candidates. Also there was no travel involved to the campuses. They invited the shortlisted candidates to their regional offices to meet the Business Heads and the process was completed without a hitch.

Hiring time was brought down from the traditional 30days to 12 days, there was zero cost incurred on travel and only quality candidates shortlisted using the GoEvals Compatibility index were met and selected thus ensuring a great match to the role.