MNC Hiring International Talent With Specialized Certifications

One of the world’s leading Skin Care company with clinic in over 130 countries was recruiting globally for operations across Asia & UAE.

They were looking for innovative ways to tap talent pools of qualified and highly specialized healthcare professionals. Historically, this process was extremely expensive and time consuming. At many times they also found that the candidate did not have certain mandatory certifications which eventually disqualified the candidates after having gone through some meetings and conversations.

To recruit for healthcare professionals internationally, the company would need to either fly a recruiting team of several key stakeholders to different locations or needed to fly candidates to different locations to interview with specialized doctors who were extremely busy. The doctors had to make time to meet the candidates which meant a reduction in the doctor’s billing times and an interruption in their day to day operations.

If the candidate did not meet the certification or the experience requirements that the doctors were specifically looking for, it lead to a loss of billing time, the travel costs and productivity.


Using the GoEvals platform, they worked with the doctors & arrived at 5 questions that they wanted to hear from the candidate. They shared the responses from their shortlisted candidates and the doctors were able to evaluate and identify & uploaded it into the GoEvals Video Platform. They were able to confirm certification using the GoEvals MyQuestions tool and identify the right candidates based on their Video responses.

It directly impacted the quality of candidates and the time taken to hire. Due to the digital platform doctors were able to evaluate candidates at their own time and met with only those candidates they thought fulfilled the criteris of the role. They estimate that using GoEvals has saved the company about $400-$1200 USD per interview in travel costs & hiring times were reduced y over 50% . In addition to this they believe that it has impacted the quality of the candidates as they are able to identify the right ones even before meeting them in person.