Tech Startup, Hiring For A Ramp Up

A Digital Media Startup was looking to hire people at a consistent rate. Hiring is a function that was limited to the Core founding team. Their big challenge was getting alignment with the core founding team and also due to their hectic schedules it was extremely difficult getting the candidate to meet up with all the members. Every candidate being hired went through 5 rounds of interview which lead to a drop in candidate engagement as the process stretched out to 2-3 months.

They needed to hire faster but at the same time get an alignment within the founding team. They needed a platform that allowed them the flexibility and at the same time ensured that the founding team is spending time evaluating the right candidates.


They identified the most asked questions from their founders and uploaded the same onto the GoEvals Video Interview Platform. They asked every candidate who applied to complete the video interview before moving onto the next stage of the recruitment process. They mapped the core founding team as evaluators to the test so that they were able to evaluate the candidates video interviews anywhere , anyplace and anytime.

Using the Video interview Platform they were able to hire talent consistently. The key to getting alignment from the core team became extremely easy. They reduced the number of interviews to just 2 maximum interviews and dropped their hiring time by 65%. The Video Interviews freed the need for a face to face meeting of the candidate with all the members of the founding core team. It also eliminated 100% bias in their hiring and improved the quality of candidates.