Goevals Employee Sensing Solutions


Employee Touchpoints Tool (Coming Soon)

It is a documented fact that how we onboard new employees into the organisation really sets the ground for how much time they will spend working with the company. Early attrition or first year attrition, is a growing concern for many companies as it directly impacts attrition and productivity.

GoEvals Employee Touchpoints tool aims to ensure that there is a connect with the new employee on a regular basis. It allows employers to identify touchpoints in the early days of onboarding and check with the new employees their understanding of the company, their role , their deliverables and also their ecosystem.

The tool helps you sense how the onboarding is progressing and identify challenges proactively which in turn help ensure that they are addressed, and the employee feels supported. This in turn leads to higher retention and better productivity.


Employee Satisfaction Survey (Coming Soon)

People leave managers, not organisations, this is something that we have believed for some time. However, research shows that this is no longer true. People usually leave due to a combination of elements in an organisation and not just the manager.

The GoEvals Employee Satisfaction Tool provides you the a powerful medium to conduct pulse surveys, mood surveys, culture surveys and the bi annual or annual Employee Satisfaction survey. This one tools provides you the flexibility to do any type of employee feedback surveys that you would like.

It is a simple, easy to understand plug and use tool that you can setup in minutes and use it almost immediately. It provides an engaging, insightful dashboard and personalised reports which can provide you useful data that you could use to increase effectiveness of the employee policies and plans. Using this tool will surely help you improve your employee retention numbers.


Exit Trigger Identification Tool (Coming Soon)

Compensation, better opportunity, pursuing further education and personal reasons are some of the most common reasons stated by employee leaving the organisation. Truth is that these reasons are similar across levels and industries. Fact is that these are just stated reasons and not the real triggers which caused the exit.

The GoEvals Exit Trigger Identification tools helps organisations to identify the “real” reasons of the attrition. The tool captures the stated reason and then through a series of scientifically validate questions look to triggers that help identify the real reason for the exit.

It’s easy to use interface helps in ensuring that the leaving employee finds it easy to use the tool and allows organisations to get genuine feedback. The insightful evidence based report identifies the real reason for the exit and also recommends action plans that the organisation could consider to improve the satisfaction and eliminate the trigger for the future.