Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoEvals?

GoEvals is an AI enabled, Digitally Driven platform with an analytical core that offers Intelligent Solutions for People Management; across the employee lifecycle. These tools are developed in the areas:

  • Candidate Selection
  • Employee Sensing & Satisfaction
  • Organizational Performance & Success
  • It is a plug & play platform that you can start using immediately.

  • The GoEvals Compatibility Test allows you to define the ‘Compatibility Index’ for the role that you are hiring. You can define what you are looking for, in the candidate.

  • It has an analytical core and generates insightful reports instantly while ranking the respondents on a dashboard; allowing you to make informed data-based decisions.

  • It is AI enabled and once you have a minimum data of tests or candidates, GoEvals will start recommending / predicting actions that help you to make more accurate decisions, thus improving the outcome quality!

  • The super responsive user interface eliminates the need to spend time in training, you and your team would find adopting & using the platform with absolute ease.

  • It is cost effective as one can start subscribing to the platform under 10000INR per month. Our objective is to make the tool available to all companies to impact businesses positively.

  • Designed for business results, GoEvals will deliver a positive impact in terms of ROI for your business.

  • Developed by experienced Global HR & People Management Experts, the platform leverages on best global practices & is value packed with resources for you and your team to use.

  • Reduction in hiring time up to 50%.

    Using a combination of the Compatibility Test & the Video Interview platform, GoEvals will ensure that hiring managers & recruiters are able to reduce the time to hire.

    The Compatibility Index Test ensures only the best suited candidates are identified & engaged thus, eliminating candidates who do not meet the criteria for the role.

    With the Video Interviews, candidates can be evaluated any time without having to meet them in person, and you can only meet the ones who are shortlisted.

  • Improvement in the Quality of Candidates.

    GoEvals focuses on the candidate fit as defined by you which in turn ensures that only those who fit are shortlisted ensuring higher quality leading to a better performance on the job.

  • Data based selection decisions & elimination of biases.

    GoEvals provides a platform where every candidate is asked the similar questions and are evaluated on the similar parameters defined by the hiring manager.

    The responses are either video recorded or captured by GoEvals, ensuring a record of the candidate 's performance during the selection process. The selection decisions are data driven ensuring existing biases are eliminated.

  • Improving Recruiter Productivity

    GoEvals makes it easy for recruiters to focus their search. The ‘Easy to Use Interface’ makes it easier for the hiring managers & recruiters to adapt and use the system.

    Recruiters are able to handle multiple stakeholders easily. They are able to manage more hiring requirements when they adapt the GoEvals Selection Tools. A huge amount of time is saved impacting productivity positively.

  • Aligned Stakeholders & Increased Satisfaction

    GoEvals eliminates multiple efforts needed to align different stakeholders. Hiring Managers can manage multiple stakeholders by ensuring they are a part of the evaluation group right at the time of setting the tests.

    This engages them throughout the process making them feel included & since everyone contributes to the process, they have a stake in ensuring the right person is hired; eventually increasing their satisfaction.