Goevals Organisational Success Solutions


GoEvals Performance Management Tool (Coming Soon)

The GoEvals Performance Management Tool combines the best of a Balance Score Card technique with a Management by Objective approach. It allows the organisation to setup a customised performance framework within minutes and also helps by facilitating setting up of defining the Key Performance Areas and Key Performance Indicators for all teams and employees.

It’s simple and ready to use interface helps leader and line managers to setup SMART KPI’s which ensure that the performance conversation is a data driven conversation and allows better decision making.

The GoEvals Performance Management Tool is a great way to clarify the organisational strategy and communicate the business priorities & objectives. It helps in monitoring progress on a regular basis as defined by you and delivers a scale of performance for your business unit or team. Simply put the GoEvals Performance Management tools make it easy for you to track and monitor deliverables for individuals and teams at your fingertips with ease!


GoEvals 360 Feedback (Coming Soon)

Teamwork and collaboration are the foundation for building trust and succeeding in any organisation. GoEvals 360 tool answer the important question of how well the employees, the leaders and the teams performing in the eyes of those who have a stake in their performance.

The tool provides individuals with a broad assessment of their performance based on the views of those around them, including their supervisor or manager, direct reports, peers, customers, suppliers, and any other stakeholder that the organisation may want to include in this process. Results are confidential and an insightful report is presented to the employee and their manager.

The report also recommends further efforts needed in employee training and development. The GoEvals 360 tool helps demonstrate the organisations commitment to employee development, it provides actionable 360-degree feedback and helps to eliminate biases by democratising the review process, by weighing the opinions of all stakeholders and not just the employees line manager.


GoEvals Succession Planning Tool (Coming Soon)

The GoEvals Succession planning tool uses the 9 box matrix approach and evaluates the organisations talent pool based on two parameters:

  • Individual Performance – which is derived from the Performance Management tool and
  • The alignment of the talent with the organisations core values or behaviours.

The tool then allows you to identify critical positions based on customised parameters which then flow into a succession and business continuity plan for the organisation. Using this tool would create a clear business impact as it takes into account not just what the employee delivers but also gives equal importance to the how the employee delivers.

Once the 9 box Talent Matrix is created and the critical positions identified, organisations can use the report to clearly identify their top talent. This top talent can then be assigned either to critical positions or be designated as successors for those critical positions.

The user friendly interface is built to help Managers and leaders to create a strong succession and business continuity talent plan for the organisation.