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GoEvals Selection Solutions

Tools that offer you complete freedom and flexibility to power your search for talent.

Easy to implement & even more easier to use, GoEvals Selection Tools deliver guaranteed returns on your investment through reduced hiring times & quality hires.

Scientifically Validated Tools

Combining the knowledge of Neuroscience, developed by Psychologists and ratified by Senior Human Resource Professionals, the tools give you a scientifically validated Compatibility Index with valuable candidate insights for making an informed Selection Decision.

Cloud Based - Anywhere, Anyplace & All times ready!

Made using the latest technology, the cloud based platform is super responsive. It allows you to get digital almost instantly and provides a seamless experience to candidates that gets them excited about the role & opportunity. The tool can be used anywhere, anyplace and at all times!

Set up in Minutes, Deploy at Scale

With GoEvals Selection Tools, recruiters can set up interviews in less than 15 minutes, and candidates can take them at their convenience. Hundreds of candidates can simultaneously record their responses & interviews, allowing volume recruitment to be conducted in days.

Save Time & Money, Maximise ROI

Maximise your Return On Investment (ROI) by reducing your hiring time by 30%, leading to significant cost savings. No need for numerous virtual calls Or Face to Face meetings as our tool shortlists the most compatible candidates via our scientifically proven compatibility index for the role!

HR Intelligence Inside

Developed by Senior HR Professionals, GoEvals platform uses International best practices & the platform has a value packed suite of resources such as : Job Descriptions, Recruitment Email Templates, Interview Questions Library, Evaluation Guides and much more!

Turbo Charge your People Practices

With Automated Email Follow ups, Communication Templates, Interview Questions Bank & Ready to use Job Descriptions, the Goevals Compatibility Index Tool impacts the efficiency and the effectiveness of your Recruitment Team almost instantly.

The GoEvals Impact

Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Improve candidate quality, reduce cost & time of hire. Digitize instantly & leverage analytical dashboards.

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Streamline, standardise recruitment processes. Eliminate Biases & align multiple stakeholders with ease.

Enterprise Businesses

Use the power of video interviews to select smartly. Hire anywhere, anyplace and at all- times. Enhance candidate experience & improve candidate diversity.

Compatibility as defined by YOU

Compatibility as defined by YOU

While other tools provide a standard basis of evaluation across roles & positions, GoEvals Compatibility Index Test provides you the flexibility to define what 'Compatibility' is for you. Combine GoEvals Competencies with your own questions to select the most compatible candidate.

Set up Tests with Optimum Time

The Compatibility Index Test & Video Interview Tests give you the ability to choose an optimum time for the candidate to respond. Keeping the assessment time optimal ensures a higher number of responses leading to overall increase in quantity & quality in the candidate pool.

Set up Tests with Optimum Time

On-Demand Video Interviews for Accurate Screening

Hiring managers can set up interviews with custom questions or use GoEvals suggested questions. Once the candidate responses are recorded, these can later be played back for detailed analysis and review at anytime.

Manage Multiple Stakeholders effortlessly for Collaborative Screening

Share responses & interviews with business heads and hiring managers at the click of a button. Take valuable feedback from multiple evaluators before making crucial hiring decisions.

Manage Multiple Stakeholders effortlessly for Collaborative Screening
Select the best Suited Approach

Select the best Suited Approach: Open Test or Invite Only Tests

Once the test is created, you can either share it across multiple mediums as an Open Test link to invite candidates or choose the “Invite Only” option to invite specific candidates only to take the test. GoEvals gives you complete freedom to decide your best suited approach!

Insightful Candidate Analytical Reports

GoEvals Selection Tools don't just sort candidates by performance, they provide insights on how the candidate would go about doing the role they are being evaluated for. This allows Hiring managers to choose the most compatible candidate based on their needs.

Insightful Candidate Analytical Reports

GoEvals Selection Solutions
Improve Recruitment Productivity & Impact Business Results, today!

Developed by Senior Talent acquisition Professionals, Goevals brings to you a tried & tested productivity solutions that helps you achieve more with less. Streamline your hiring process, leverage data analytics to make informed candidate selections, eliminate bias in hiring, improve candidate quality & deliver business results!!